Graphic Design

Tomato Sauce Recipe Magazine Spread
Personalized recipe magazine spread for tomato sauce. Per the clients request, Stock photography was used for the images. However, the recipe and ingredients sections were original creations by the client.
Kentucky Brotherhood Ride
Custom cycling jersey design for the Kentucky Brotherhood Ride. A 200+ mile ride in Louisville, Kentucky honoring fallen police, EMS, and Firefighters in the line of duty. During the design process, in collaboration with the client, color palette and design were chosen. Ride and design worn was also featured on WDRB 41 Louisville, KY.

For the news story highlighting this ride visit...
Mosquito Hunters Cycling
Custom cycling jersey design for well known pest control company, Mosquito Hunters. Logos, photographic reference, and branding package provided by client. During the design process, in collaboration with the client, this design was chosen. The client specifically asked for the jersey to look similar to the Mosquito Hunters vehicles.
Florida International University AD
AD design for Florida International University. Using the official website colors, I created an AD with information for contacting the university. Considering that Miami is one of the United States sunniest places, I played off of this when creating my design.
Click Cable TV AD
AD design for the cable company Click. Using the design colors, I created an AD describing all the services offered.
Ramune Advertisement Design
Ramune Soda Ad Design. Photographed and then edited in Adobe Suite.
Cover design of Marshall Chapman's short story The Crush. The serif title text Lust Script accompanied by the sans serif text Source Sans Variable gives a fun and similar appearance to the whimsical illustration. Original illustration created can be viewed underneath the pen and ink tab.
Rookie ASVAB Club
Cover design commission for the Facebook group "Rookie ASVAB Club". The club consists of preparation for the ASVAB test.
Gaming Champion Henry Jenkins
Editorial redesign with a spot design I created in Adobe Illustrator. Publication information is accredited to Electronic Gaming Monthly, issue 192 published in June 2005.
Peach Iconography
Peach Logo Icon created in Adobe Illustrator.
Japanese Proverb
Cover design of a Japanese Proverb written by Japanese writer Kobayashi Issa. Both English and Japanese text are provided. The original Japanese proverb is written as such: Yo no naka wa jigoku no ue no hanami kana. There are alternate versions of this translation including, but not limited to, In this world of ours, We walk on the roof of Hell, Gazing at the flowers.
Morbid Reveries
Photo Manipulation
An animal human hybrid self-portrait created in Photoshop.The image has hidden personal meaning.
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Peach Iconography

Peach Logo Icon created in Adobe Illustrator.